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Dr Rainer Riggert
Attorney at Law in Germany
  • Position

With Schultze & Braun since 1994.
Business sector: restructuring consulting.
Head of Security Interest Management.
Specialising in: security interest management. Specialisation particularly in constitution and management of security pools, supplier pools, order and trust solutions.

  • Vita

Studies in science of law in Freiburg.
First examination in law and two-year activity as assistant at the chair of constitutional law in Freiburg.
Legal internship in Freiburg.
Second state examination in law in Stuttgart.
Doctorate studies under Prof. Dr. Thomas Würtenberger in Freiburg.
As of 1999, examiner for the first examination in law.

  • Publications

Since 2016 co-editor of the German specialized magazine for insolvency and restructuring NZI, C.H. Beck Verlag, Munich.
Co-author of Braun (publ.), Kommentar zur Insolvenzordnung (commentary on the Insolvency Code), 7th edition, Munich 2017.
Co-author in Baur, Kantowsky, Schulte (Hrsg.), Stakeholder Management in der Restrukturierung, Springer Gabler, 2. Aufl., Wiesbaden 2015.
Braun/Riggert/Herzig (publ.), Schwerpunkte des Insolvenzverfahrens (Focal Items in Insolvency Proceedings), 5th edition, Stuttgart 2012.
Co-author of the specialist online module "Insolvenzrecht Plus" by C.H. Beck Verlag.
Co-author of Michael Dahl, Hans-Gerd H. Jauch and Christian Wolf (publ.), Sanierung und Insolvenz, Festschrift für Klaus Hubert Görg zum 70. Geburtstag, (Restructuring and insolvency, commemorative publication on the occasion of Klaus Hubert Görg's 70th birthday)
Eberhard Braun/Rainer Riggert (publ.): Die doppelseitige Treuhand als Sanierungsinstrument (The bilateral security trust as a recovery instrument) , 95-118, C.H. Beck Verlag 2010.
Co-author in Haarmeyer (publ.), Sanierungs- und Insolvenzmanagement I (Restructuring and Insolvency Management), Remagener Schriftenreihe, 2009, 23-49, 221-256.
Co-author in Braun (publ.), Insolvenzjahrbuch 2008, Frankfurt/M. 2007.
Co-author in Kind/Kießner/Frank (publ.), Unternehmenskrisen - Der Jurist als Notarzt, Festschrift für Dr. Eberhard Braun zum 60. Geburtstag, München 2007 (Companies in Crisis
The Lawyer as Emergency Doctor), commemorative publication on the occasion of Dr. Eberhard Braun's 60th birthday, Munich 2007.
Numerous publications on the insolvency code, including commentaries on personal administration in Nerlich/Römermann, Kommentar zur Insolvenzordnung (Commentary on the German Insolvency Code), Munich since 1999.
Essays: Dr Rainer Riggert

  • Guest speaker and lecturer

Lecturer at the University of Munster/Germany – MBA degree „M&A“ – on the subject of „acquisition of a company in situations of crisis and insolvency“.

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