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Detlef Specovius
Attorney at Law in Germany
Certified Specialist in Insolvency Law
  • Position

With Schultze & Braun since 1993.
Business sector: restructuring consulting.
Specialising in: insolvency and restructuring law.

  • Vita

Studies in science of law in Münster.
First state examination in law in Hamm.
Legal internship in Essen and Münster.
Second state examination in law in Düsseldorf.

  • Publications

Co-author of Kayser/Thole (Hrsg.), Insolvenzordnung, 9th edition 2018, C.F. Müller Verlag.
Co-author of Knecht/Hommel/Wohlenberg (publ.), Handbuch Unternehmensrestrukturierung, 2nd edition 2018, Springer Gabler Verlag.
Co-author of Braun (publ.), Kommentar zur Insolvenzordnung (commentary on the Insolvency Code), 7th edition, Munich 2017.
Co-author of Kübler (publ.), Handbuch Restrukturierung in der Insolvenz, 2nd edition 2015, RWS-Verlag.
Co-author of Gottwald (publ.), Insolvenzrechts-Handbuch, 5th edition 2015, C.H. Beck Verlag.
Co-author of Flöther (publ.), Handbuch zum Konzerninsolvenzrecht, C.H. Beck Verlag, 2015.
Co-author of Financial Gates GmbH (publ.), Jahrbuch 2014 Restrukturierung, ESUG: Nach der Reform ist vor der Reform, 54-56, Frankfurt/Main 2013.
Co-author of Richter/Timmreck (publ.), Effizientes Sanierungsmanagement, Schäffer/Poeschel, Stuttgart 2013.
Co-author of Kübler (publ.), Handbuch Restrukturierung in der Insolvenz (Restructuring in case of Insolvency), RWS-Verlag, Cologne 2012.
Co-author of Braun (publ.), Insolvency and Restructuring in Germany – Yearbook 2005, Yearbook 2012, Frankfurt/M. 2004, 2012.
Co-author of Braun (publ.), Insolvenzrecht und Unternehmenssanierung - Jahrbuch 2012, Frankfurt 2011.
Co-author of Braun (publ.), Insolvenzjahrbuch 2011 (Insolvency Yearbook 2011), Francfort/Main 2010.
Co-author of Kind/Kießner/Frank (publ.), Unternehmenskrisen – Der Jurist als Notarzt, Festschrift für Dr. Eberhard Braun zum 60. Geburtstag (Companies in Crisis – The Lawyer as Emergency Doctor - commemorative publication on the occasion of Dr. Eberhard Braun's 60th birthday), Munich 2007.
Co-author of Braun (publ.), Commentary on the German Insolvency Code, Düsseldorf 2006.
Co-author of Braun (publ.), Insolvenzjahrbuch 2005, Frankfurt/M. 2004.
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Study group "insolvency law and reorganisation" of the German Lawyers' Association.
German Lawyers' Association (DAV).
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