Insolvency Administration
The Insolvency Administration business division has been dealing with all issues concerned in insolvency administration for over thirty-five years.
Our lawyers are appointed as administrators in bankruptcy and collective judicial execution proceedings throughout the whole of Germany. We have also carried through many judicial composition, settlement and conciliation proceedings.

Our major concern in insolvency administration is not the breakup of the company. Wherever possible and wherever it makes good business sense, we strive for the continuation of the insolvent business. This ensures better creditor satisfaction and helps to keep jobs. This is also why we emphasise the close collaboration between lawyers, business economists and tax advisers. In the course of insolvency proceedings, we handle:
  • The preparation and supervision of insolvency plan calculations for the business continuation
  • The generation of operational business analyses
  • The solution of complex bookkeeping issues
  • The preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns for past years
  • Processing issues involving capital replacement and share-capital raising

Intensive immersion in the new insolvency law has led to a number of publications. Our lawyers have also helped to organise and conduct many in-service events for judges, registrars, bank employees, lawyers, auditors and tax advisers, and they continue to do so to this day.