International Affairs
We are able to design innovative solutions for all aspects of cross-border restructuring and insolvency cases, be it under EC Regulations, adoption of the UNICITRAL framework or in connection with the US-Bankruptcy Code. Our services include:
  • Realisation of securities and insolvency claims or other assets located in Germany respectively in Europe in cross-border insolvency proceedings over the assets of debtors from other EC-member states or outside the EC
  • Legal advisory relating to liability claims such as avoidance, recharacterisation of loan into equity contribution / subordination, shadow-directors, financing within crises, liability of directors under German corporate law in the frame of EC Regulation proceedings over German entities
  • Legal advisory for servicing (reorganisation or insolvency) foreign entities (e.g. self-standing subsidiaries in Germany or Europe) in cross-border insolvency proceeding over the assets of debtors in other EC member states or outside the EC
  • Analysis of complex cross-border scenarios (profit and loss transfer agreement / profit pooling contracts / cash pooling contracts, recharacterisation / subordination/ guarantees)
  • Attention to interest on behalf of creditors in creditor committees or similar boards and commissions in insolvency proceedings in Germany
  • Advisory regarding purchase and sale of distressed debts, securities, portfolios
  • Managed exits, liquidations, owner-reorganisation, trustee-reorganisation
  • Advisory regarding forum shopping for debtors
  • Advisory regarding social measures, social plans and other employment issues of a company (employer) in Germany
  • Coordinated assets tracing and return to Germany for creditors in other EC member states or outside the EC

We provide services in all aspects of insolvency law, and having the experience of working as insolvency consultants enables us to assist:

  • Banks Further information
  • Creditors Further information
  • Shareholders Further information
  • Investors Further information

For any questions please contact our international team secretary and assistant, Mrs. Florence Roche: tel. 0049-7841/708284.

We provide our counseling services in the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Japanese, Basic Mandarin.