Legal Consulting, Tax Consulting and Auditing

The business sector Legal and Tax Consulting and Auditing offers the entire spectrum of classic legal and tax consultancy.

We advise and support companies, craftsmen, freelancers and local governments in all issues relating to law, fiscal law and business administration. Our services in the fiscal sector include:

  • Financial and payroll accounting
  • Preparation of annual financial statements and balance sheets (also for French and English companies)
  • The preparation of tax returns
  • Consulting in tax load comparisons
  • Support during external tax audits
  • Cross-border services, for example
    • Advise on VAT at cross-border movement of goods and services
    • VAT returns (Déclarations mensuelles de TVA) and income tax declarations (Impôt sur le revenu) in France
    • Tax representative in Germany and France
    • Prevention of double taxation
    • posting of employees to France including electronic reporting via online portal „SIPSI" and representation towards French authorities

Our lawyers represent our clients' legal interest in relation to courts, administrative authorities, or in extra-judicial proceedings. Our professional advisory activities focus on:

  • Private law (preparing general terms and conditions of business, labour law, architect's law, banking law, building law, inheritance law, company law, commercial law, rental and leasing law)
  • Public law (building, emissions, land development contribution, planning andenvironmental law)
  • Company criminal law

After many years of working closely with insolvency administrators, we have extensive specialist knowledge in the most varied issues revolving around insolvency in the areas of:

  • Capital replacement, capital raising law
  • Labour law in insolvency
  • Contract design in insolvency

We offer a variety of clients not only the classic auditing activities but also support in all financing questions and corporate transactions, e.g. company valuations and due diligence tests. In addition we have a high level of competence in preparing and submitting applications for grants of subsidies and deficiency guarantees in the public sector.