Commentary on the German Insolvency Code
Dr. Braun, Eberhard (Publ.)
IDW-Verlag Düsseldorf 2006

This commentary is a working aid and reference manual for everybody dealing with cross-border insolvency proceedings and related issues in connection with German law. It features:

  • Separate comments on each paragraph of the Code which allow quick access to specific factual issues. The concise and well-structured texts focus on the essentials.

  • The paragraphs of the Code commented by professionals and practitioners with the greatest possible practical relevance. Abstract legal issues are not addressed. If an individual case allows for several solutions, priority is always given to the practical solution.

  • Commentators with many years of experience in reorganisation consulting and insolvency administration. The solutions they suggest are therefore well tried and tested in everyday working life and have been shown to be practicable.

  • Texts written in intelligible and plain language which are easy to understand. The texts are also written for readers who have no previous knowledge of German insolvency laws.

ISBN 10: 3-8021-1237-7
ISBN 13: 978-3-8021-1237-9