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30 April 2013
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Get to grips with our new SchubrApp!
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The SchubrApp - knowledge to go
Last week it was unveiled at the Handelsblatt Restructuring International Conference in Frankfurt with great success - now it’s your turn:

The SchubrApp with interesting and useful information around the subject of insolvency.

The Special Features: 
SchubrApp offers a full text search. Not only is SchubrApp trilingual German-English-French, but you can also switch back and forth between the different language versions of the German Insolvency Code. Thus making you feel at home everywhere in the InsO-World – no matter if on the road, in the office or in a meeting.

Now you are able to always have the current Insolvency Code (InsO) – in German, English or French - on hand, without a problem.

Numerous insolvency terms are translated in the glossary. Thus letting you keep track. The links to the individual sections of the Code allow you, to quickly and specifically reach your target, and thus makes the SchubrApp an ideal hand tool for your work.

Are you also interested in current information on topics with regards to reorganization or insolvency law from around the world? With our newsletters you are, and always stay, up to date.
Here's how:
Scan the QR code or call up the www.schubrapp.com page, add the page to your home screen and you're good to go.

I hope you enjoy trying out the app.

Dr Annerose Tashiro
Attorney at law in Germany
Registered European Lawyer (London)

Dr. Annerose Tashiro
Dr Annerose Tashiro

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