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11 October 2013
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Recent publications

Dr H. Philipp Esser, LL.M, Attorney at Law (Germany and New York State),
R.Craig Martin, Attorney at Law (Germany),
Cross-Border Case Study: Resolving Inter Company Claims between Corporate Group Companies in Insolvency Proceedings in Different Jurisdictions
INSOL World, Third Quarter 2013

Dr Annerose Tashiro, Attorney at Law (Germany), Registered European Lawyer (London),
Beware governments bearing subsidies
Environmental Finance, Summer 2013, 35-35

Frank Tschentscher, LL.M., Attorney at Law (Germany), Solicitor (England and Wales),
Cross-Border Insolvencies,
Accountancy Live, March 2013

Frank Tschentscher, LL.M., Attorney at Law (Germany), Solicitor (England and Wales),
The Modern German Insolvency Regime: Process, Reform, Financing and Creditor Ranking
International Corporate Rescue, Vol. 5, Special Issue, 2013, 20-24


International Insolvency & Restructuring Symposium
The German Insolvency Law Revolutions: Welcome Back, Mr. Creditor. We´ve Missed You!
The American Bankruptcy Institute, 10117 Berlin, 25.10.2013
Dr Annerose Tashiro, Attorney at Law (Germany), Registered European Lawyer (London),
Frank Tschentscher, LL.M., Attorney at Law (Germany), Solicitor (England and Wales),

Half Year 2013 November Conference Luxembourg
Case study: The Petroplus insolvency
International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA),L 2449 Luxembourg, 20.11. - 22.11.2013
Dr H. Philipp Esser, LL.M, Attorney at Law (Germany and New York State)
American Bankruptcy Institute – International Insolvency Symposium in Berlin
We are just over two weeks away from the American Bankruptcy institute’s (ABI) International Insolvency Symposium in Berlin.

The conference will be held on 25 October 2013 at the legendary Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin.

Situated near the famous Brandenburg Gate, in the middle of the governmental and embassy districts, this place will provide an adequate ambiance.

Still undecided? Here's why you should attend...

1) High quality networking
2) To hear from some of the most influential speakers in the industry
3) To meet Europe's most recognised insolvency and turnaround experts under one roof

The ABI conference has a packed agenda featuring a keynote address by key note speaker Prof. Ignacio Tirado, Professor for Commercial Law at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Consultant at The World Bank and Advisor to the International Monetary Fund; Madrid, Spain on the management of the Euro-Crisis.

Further, a panel of eminent U.S. professionals will discuss current trends in U.S. insolvencies and restructurings, explore current legislation, comment on developments in the financial sector for distressed lending and highlight any emerging trends. 

The failure of law firms, the anatomy of it and the outcome will be the topic of the following round of professionals.
Dr. Annerose Tashiro
Dr Annerose Tashiro
Frank Tschentscher
The Renewable Energy Sector is supposed to be booming, but it does not, in fact huge company failures hit the scenery. The third panel discusses the WHY? and the WHAT NOW? Is it possible to restructure and how so? Speakers will cover solar and wind energy issues.  

We live in the so called information and communication times. But the media companies carrying this information are in distressed situation. The entire industry faces a strategic turmoil, be it DVDs, CDs, newspapers, magazines or books. The fourth panel will address the change of lifestyle, the adaption of the business and its failures

Finally, German insolvency professionals will discuss the recent reform of the German insolvency regime and its implications for the stakeholders in restructuring and/or insol-vency proceedings and share their views and experience on the practical application of the reformed law with the audience.

This is why we at Schultze & Braun are honoured and delighted to be among the ABI conference’s sponsors and to act as programme co-chair of this upcoming symposium. We hope you are will attend, too.

Dr Annerose Tashiro, partner and head of the Schultze & Braun International Business Recovery Department and Frank Tschentscher, partner and head of the Schultze & Braun Hamburg office for International Business Recovery are looking forward to meeting you in Berlin.

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