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Prof Dr Andreas J. Baumert
Attorney at Law in Germany
Certified Specialist in Commercial Law and in Company Law
Honorary professor at the University of Applied Science Kehl
  • Position

With Schultze & Braun since 2005.
Business sector: legal consulting.
Specialising in: processes in insolvency related avoidance cases, liability law related to company law and banking law, liability of liberal professions, commerical and company law.

  • Education

Studies in science of law in Freiburg.
First state examination in law in Freiburg.
Scholar and collegiate at the Post-Graduate Internationalisation College for Private Law of the Freiburg University.
Doctoral thesis with Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Dieter Leipold, institute for German and foreign civil procedure law at the University of Freiburg, on a subject in international private law, civil procedure law and European law.
Legal internship in Freiburg with elective station in Los Angeles, concurrent work as scientific assistant at the Institute for Foreign and International Private Law of the Freiburg University, Prof. Dr. Hans Stoll.
Second state examination in law in Stuttgart.
1996: Appointed attorney.
Since 2011 certified specialist in Commercial Law and Company Law.
Since 2017 Honorary Professor at the Kehl University of Applied Science.

  • Publications

Author and co-author of publications on national and international procedural law, international private law, insolvency law, company law, liability law (tax consulting, auditing) and professional law as a lawyer; including:
Co-author of Braun (publ.), Kommentar zur Insolvenzordnung (commentary on the Insolvency Code), 7th edition, Munich 2017.
Co-author of Sladek/Heffner/Graf Brockdorff (Hrsg.), Insolvenzrecht - Aktuelle Schwerpunkte aus Gläubigersicht 2015/2016, Deutscher Sparkassenverlag, Stuttgart, 2015; Beitrag: Doppelseitige Treuhand und Vermeidung von Interessenkonflikten, 357 - 397.
Kind/Kießner/Frank (publ.), Unternehmenskrisen - Der Jurist als Notarzt, Festschrift für Dr. Eberhard Braun zum 60. Geburtstag, München 2007 (Companies in Crisis - The Lawyer as Emergency Doctor), commemorative publication on the occasion of Dr. Eberhard Braun's 60th birthday, Munich 2007.
Co-author of the specialist online module "Insolvenzrecht Plus" by C.H. Beck Verlag.
Essays: Prof Dr Andreas J. Baumert

  • Guest speaker, lecturer and expert activities

Since 2005 Lecturer, since 2017 Honorary Professor at the Kehl University of Applied Science.
2010: Evaluator in a university accreditation procedure for a master course of studies in Insolvency right and reorganisation procedure.
2013: Evaluator in a university re-accreditation procedure for a master course of studies Auditing and rating and for a master course of studies Auditing, business and Law .
Since 2014, lecturer at the EBS Law School Wiesbaden for insolvency and restructuring law.
Since 2014: Lecturer at the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg.
2016: expert in the context of an accreditation procedure for master studies in insolvency and restructuring.

  • Languages

German, English

German Lawyers' Association (DAV).
German Institution for Arbitration (DIS).
German section of the international commission of lawyers.
You can contact us via our Contact form or compose an email to Prof Dr Andreas J. Baumert via ed.arbuhcs@tremuaBA.