2006-09-21 Schultze & Braun

First book on restructuring with the insolvency plan under German law in English

The “Commentary on the German Insolvency Code” has been published in early September 2006. It is designed as a working aid for everyone dealing with issues involving international insolvency proceedings in connection with German law. The editor of the commentary is Dr. Eberhard Braun, senior partner of Schultze & Braun.

More and more companies operate globally and across borders; specialist knowledge is needed to prevent and to cope with crises situations. The book addresses lawyers, auditors and other professionals working in the fields of reorganisation and insolvencies with international context. It describes the process of insolvency proceedings and the reorganisation instruments available under German law – similar to the US Chapter 11.Separate comments on each section of the Code allow quick access to individual factual and legal issues. Concise and well-structured details focus on essentials, abstract legal problems are not addressed.
The text is in intelligible and plain language which is easy to understand, also designed for readers who have no previous knowledge of the German insolvency laws.


The different sections of the Code are commented by professionals and practitioners with the greatest possible practical relevance. The commentators are all from Schultze & Braun and they have many years of experience in reorganisation consulting and insolvency administration. The solutions they suggest are well tried and tested in everyday working life and have been shown to be practicable.

The book is published by IDW-Verlag in Düsseldorf under ISBN 10: 3-8021-1237-7 or ISBN 13: 978-3-8021-1237-9.

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