2005-03-21 Schultze & Braun

New head of Schultze & Braun’s international team

Dr Eberhard Braun, the reknowned German insolvency lawyer and managing director of Schultze & Braun recently announced that Mrs. Annerose Tashiro has been appointed as the head of Schultze & Braun's international team.

Mrs. Tashiro, regarded as a "high flyer" at only 30 is multi lingual being able to converse in Japanese, English and German, is delighted at the appointment. "Schultze & Braun is a great organisation having depth and experience in a number of high profile cases. I look forward to building on the excellent reputation the firm has." Mrs. Tashiro recently attended INSOL in Sydney to launch the Schultze & Braun's annual year book on insolvency and restructuring in Germany.

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