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Dr Eberhard Braun
Attorney at Law in Germany
Certified Specialist in Insolvency Law
Chartered Accountant
  • Position

Founder of Schultze & Braun.
Head of the Restructuring Consulting business sector.
Specialising in: reorganisation and restructuring of companies and commercially organised enterprises. In addition, national and international insolvency handling for courts and creditors. The most recent major proceedings involved FlowTex, Winterling, Fairchild Dornier and Walter Marketing.

  • Professional Career

Worked as Attorney at Law in Freiburg.
1975: together with Mr Wolfgang Schultze, tax consultant, foundation of the law firm in Achern.
1987: appointed and sworn as Chartered Accountant.
2001: appointed as Certified Specialist in Insolvency Law.

  • Education

Studies in science of law at the Albert Ludwigs University in Freiburg.
Doctorate studies under Prof Dr Hans Heinrich Jescheck, head of the Max Planck Institute for foreign and international criminal law in Freiburg.

  • Publications (selection)

Braun (publ.), Kommentar zur Insolvenzordnung, 7th edition, Munich 2017.
Braun (publ.), Insolvenzrecht und Unternehmenssanierung - Jahrbuch 2016, Achern 2015.
Braun/Riggert/Herzig (publ.), Schwerpunkte des Insolvenzverfahrens, 5th edition, Stuttgart 2012.
Co-author of Michael Dahl, Hans-Gerd H. Jauch and Christian Wolf (publ.), Sanierung und Insolvenz, Festschrift für Klaus Hubert Görg zum 70. Geburtstag, (Restructuring and insolvency, commemorative publication on the occasion of Klaus Hubert Görg's 70th birthday); Eberhard Braun/Rainer Riggert: Die doppelseitige Treuhand als Sanierungsinstrument (The bilateral security trust as a recovery instrument) , 95-118, C.H. Beck Verlag 2010.
Co-author of Kölner Schrift zur Insolvenzordnung (Publication about the German Insolvency Code), 3rd edition, Cologne 2009.
Co-author of Ganter, Gottwald, Lwowski (publ.), Haftung und Insolvenz - Festschrift für Gero Fischer zum 65. Geburtstag (Liability and insolvency - commemorative publication on the occasion of Gero Fischer's 65th birthday), C.H. Beck Verlag 2008.
Braun (publ.), Commentary on the German Insolvency Code, 2006.
Braun (publ.), Insolvabilité et restructuration en Allemagne – Annuaire, yearly since 2006.
Braun (publ.), Insolvenzjahrbuch, yearly since 2005.
Braun (publ.), Insolvency and Restructuring in Germany – Yearbook, yearly since 2005.
Co-author of Richter, Schüler, Schwetzler (Hrsg.), Kapitalgeberansprüche, Marktwertorientierung und Unternehmenswert, Festschrift für Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jochen Drukarczyk, Verlag Vahlen, München 2003.
Braun/Uhlenbruck (publ.), Muster eines Insolvenzplans, 1998.
Braun/Uhlenbruck (publ.), Unternehmensinsolvenz, 1997.
Essays: Dr Eberhard Braun

  • Guest speaker and lecturer

Regularly speaking on various topics related to insolvency and business recovery.

American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI).
American College of Bankruptcy (ACB).
American Law Institute (ALI).
Association of Insolvency Accountants (AIA).
German Lawyers' Association (DAV).
INSOL International Association of Restructuring, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Professionals.
Institute of Chartered Auditors in Germany (IDW).
International Insolvency Institute (III).
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